$100M In Real Estate From Scratch

From UpFlip.

Thach Real Estate Group makes around $800,000 each month in revenue across its ventures, and smart real estate investments are a huge part of that success. Find out how founder Thach Nguyen started and grew his real estate business in this interview.

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Thach started his career as a realtor when he was just 21 and quickly became one of the top real estate agents for his company. He built on this knowledge to start investing in single-family rental properties, eventually expanding into multi-family units and apartments, today the backbone of his real estate business.

Even with his background as a realtor, Thach faced new challenges when he got into real estate investing. He’ll share the struggles and mistakes from his early years as an investor and how new investors today can avoid or overcome them. We also ask him how he’s used social media to drive his business’ growth and the real estate investing strategies that are at the heart of his success.

One of the biggest challenges of real estate investing for beginners is choosing the right properties to invest in. Thach explains why he focuses on multi-family properties and how he identifies real estate ideal for rental property investing. You’ll also learn what it means to have a mindset of abundance, and why that’s a smart mindset to cultivate as a new real estate investor.

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00:00 – START
01:47 – Mentor and business advice
02:40 – How long to be profitable
03:28 – How being a realtor helped him invest
04:14 – Unique secrets of his success
05:24 – Visit to apartment building
06:30 – First steps to start investing
07:13 – Tour of micro-apartment
08:43 – Coaching and finding mentors
10:10 – Recovering from a bad investment
11:58 – Biggest challenge of investing in real estate
12:57 – Mindset of abundance
13:47 – Planning before investing
14:51 – Maximizing real estate profits
16:08 – Key skills for real estate success
16:57 – Best business advice
17:34 – Building a support system and network
18:31 – Fan blitz
19:39 – Average revenue
20:35 – Total properties and type
21:06 – How to grow revenue
21:44 – Using social media to grow
22:22 – Lead management
22:50 – Managing and tracking finances
24:35 – Finding properties to invest in
25:46 – Choosing investment properties
26:27 – Red flags of bad investments
27:43 – Difference between investing and flipping
28:52 – Key team members and employees
29:56 – Revenue and profits
31:09 – Where did Thatch get his real estate knowledge?
32:58 – Giving back to the community
35:41 – Being in business with family
37:54 – Outro

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