14 Songs That Sample Other Songs

From David Bennett Piano.

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Many famous song have used sampling, some in more obvious ways than others, but often what happens is the song doing the sampling becomes more well-known than the original song that was sampled from! So today we are going to breakdown 14 songs that you may not have known are based on samples.



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0:00 Introduction
0:16 Radiohead
1:16 Steal My Sunshine vs. More, More, More
1:45 Dua Lipa vs. My Woman
2:26 Gorillaz vs. Omnichord
3:39 Elton John
5:30 Kanye West
7:29 Coldplay
9:22 The Clash
11:07 Dub Be Good To Me
12:54 Shirley Bassey vs. Public Enemy
13:36 Patreon