17 ways to play a chord progression

From David Bennett Piano.

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Just because you’ve got the chords for a song, doesn’t mean you know how to turn them into a part, so today we are looking at 17 different ways to play chords on piano.

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0:00 Introduction
0:34 Held chords
1:23 Quarter notes
2:25 "The Scientist"
3:28 Top-bottom
4:33 Arpeggios
8:00 Alberti Bass
9:28 HDpiano
10:29 Tresillo
11:22 Dembow
12:17 3:2 Polyrhythm
14:57 4:3 Polyrhythm
16:25 Waltz
17:20 "Turkish March"
18:01 Staccato 8ths
19:48 Staccato Triplets
22:34 Patreon

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