18 Year-Old Starts a $144K/Year Pressure Washing Business

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Many people haven’t even had their first job by 18, but Chase Lille has already owned his business for more than a year. In this interview, we’ll find out how this teenage entrepreneur started his pressure washing business with $3,000 and grew it to a revenue of $12,000 per month with 50% to 60% margins.

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Mentorship was a big part of how Chase started a profitable business at such a young age. When he was still in high school, he found a mentor in a competing power washing business owner near his hometown. That experience gave him the skills and knowledge he needed to branch out on his own. Now, he’s attending college part-time while running his business full-time.

Chase’s goal is to grow his team to 20 people by 2026, and he’ll be buying a second truck soon to build toward this aim. We’ll learn what else Chase is doing to achieve this objective and how he’s keeping track of his progress.

Just starting a business is a big challenge for many, and Chase was no exception. He had to overcome his fears and try things that made him uncomfortable to get his business up and running. He’ll share his advice for dealing with fear and uncertainty as a business owner. We’ll also find out what mistakes and failures he’s encountered thus far, and how those experiences have helped him grow.

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00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Introduction and meeting Chase
01:46 – Biggest challenges
03:06 – Getting started with no money
04:42 – Early mistakes with the business
05:37 – Services breakdown
06:26 – Job site visit and attracting customers
07:15 – Trailer walk-through
08:39 – Cleaning Masterclass ad
09:16 – Best online advertising outlets
10:36 – Branding
11:28 – Key skills for pressure washing
12:14 – Managing workflow
13:18 – Building confidence in sales
15:02 – Customer service
16:19 – Must-have equipment
16:58 – Money invested and time to return
17:49 – Mentorship
19:31 – Profit margins
20:27 – Fan blitz
21:34 – Biggest challenge currently
22:46 – Pricing
23:23 – Challenges of being a young entrepreneur
24:14 – Building a customer base
25:03 – Getting first customer
25:43 – What’s next Chase
26:12 – Marketing materials
27:20 – #1 advice for teen entrepreneurs
28:09 – Final advice

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