2 sisters grow up, then adapt to keep their bond as close as ever. | To Be Sisters

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To Be Sisters is used with permission from Anne-Sophie Gousset, Clement Ceard and Unifrance. Learn more at https://en.unifrance.org/movie/55965/to-be-sisters and https://myfrenchfilmfestival.com.

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Omeleto is partnering with Unifrance to present a selection of short films as part of its My French Film Festival 2024 event. Now in its 14th edition, MyFFF celebrates the breadth and depth of contemporary French cinema. With everything from charmingly poignant animation to naturalistic family dramedy to gritty social realist narratives, these shorts from Unifrance’s catalog demonstrate the stylistic, thematic and intellectual diversity of a rich cinematic heritage, capturing the current tenor of its ever-evolving film culture.

A little girl gets a new baby sister that she adores. Like many sisters, they play and laugh together, as well as occasionally argue and tussle. But they love one another dearly.

But as they grow older and their relationship deepens, some differences begin to emerge. The two must learn to adapt and change the way they play and relate, keeping their bond as vibrant and close as ever.

Directed and written by Anne-Sophie Gousset and Clement Ceard, this poignant short animation is a paean to the love between two sisters, a bond that endures no matter what the circumstances. Graceful and elegantly simple, the short possesses a delicacy in its visual style, with soft cheerful colors and fine, feather-light lines that possess the innocence and charm of a children’s book. With a clean, pared-down sense of frame, the focus is on the bond between the siblings.

Never seen with their parents, the storytelling uses the elasticity of animation to capture small moments of them playing, arguing and exploring, seguing playfully from one activity to another. The result is a pas-de-deux of delight, and there is joy and energy in the characters’s interactions. But there are also smaller moments of worry, as the younger sister can’t quite keep up with her older sibling, due to her underdeveloped muscles.

The storytelling observes how this changes the way they play, but the charm is that the primary emotions of joy and happiness never falter. The children simply adapt, learning to play on wagons, carts and even vacuum cleaners, with the older sister pulling her younger one along. But when the younger sister begins using a wheelchair, the tables turn, especially when she commands the full extent of her chariot. The reversal of position is their only stumbling block in "To Be Sisters" — one they easily trample over in the rush of affection, play and vibrant love that forms the film’s lasting impression.

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2 sisters grow up, then adapt to keep their bond as close as ever. | To Be Sisters


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