What else goes into building a jet engine? – Part 4 Final

From Tech Ingredients. This is part four (the last part) of a follow up video series on our recent turbojet engine test seen in our previous video – https://youtu.be/EP4Hf63zR6w Part three: https://youtu.be/PZyxkTXcyd0 Check out our jet engine playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzrI14lOlSqfbnnwLgubRqAyzCyOUuCD_ Find us on Patreon and our website: https://www.patreon.com/techingredients https://www.techingredients.com/

Finding Africa’s Lost River Valley

From Atlas Pro. 14,000 years ago, a seasonal monsoon turned the Sahara Desert into a vast savannah, where both people and animals lived in great numbers. Today we still know very little about the people who once lived here, but a series of recent discoveries might have brought us closer than ever before to uncovering…