Fighting Fires in the 18th-Century – Livestream at Townsends

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Size loses meaning on the Quantum Level #shorts

From The Science Asylum. On the quantum scale, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to talk about concepts like "size." We compare mass and energy instead. ________________________________ SUPPORT THE SCIENCE ASYLUM Patreon: YouTube Membership: Advanced Theoretical Physics (Paperback): Advanced Theoretical Physics (eBook): Merchandise:

Thief Broke Into My Theme Park… (Security Footage)

Spy Ninjas is a collection of 6 different channels (see below). A thief has been trying to break into my Spy Ninjas Theme Park for three nights in a row. Bryan showed us the security camera footage of the burglar caught in 4k. Unfortunately, our security guard didn’t show up for work so Vy, Daniel,…

Pedro the Bat! #shorts

From Let Me Explain Studios. How I found my hero’s weapon and how he got his legendary name! #letmeexplainstudios #rebeccaparham #baseballbat #baseball #animation #animated #cartoon #storytime #storytimeanimation #pedro