5 Innovative LEGO Construction Blocks that can replace CMU

From Belinda Carr.

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While these concrete block walls have excellent fire resistance, sound insulation, and durability, their assembly is slow, tedious and expensive compared to other building methods. CMU block walls can also be affected by weathering, staining, and cracking, so they might not age as gracefully as other materials. In this video, we’re going to discover 5 new, innovative building block systems that could replace CMUs.

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90% of their block is a filler of natural sands and the remaining 10% is a liquid binder which fuses the sand together. The mixture is compressed in a mold to form an eco-friendly geopolymer concrete block. The blocks are 5 times stronger than traditional concrete, while using a remarkable 75% less material.

2 – MYIB
Their bricks are made of local soil with a clay content of around 30%. This soil is mixed with cement and water and compacted in a hydraulic press under very high pressure of 3000 psi. Their bricks have consistent tongue and grooves on the sides, circular bumps on the top and a void on the bottom. All these features allow them to interlock with one another. The company estimates that this construction method is 9 times faster and 90% cheaper than conventional brick laying.

The blocks consist of a biocomposite frame around which hempcrete is cast and cured. The heavy duty black frame blocks are used for tall walls, 30 feet high. The lightweight green blocks are used for standard residential construction up to 20 feet high. The inside and outside surface even have a scratch coat which makes it easier to apply the final lime and plaster coat.

Their building blocks are made of perlite, a natural material of volcanic origin. The blocks have a characteristic tapered and self-anchoring shape. They click together without the need for mortar, glue or water. These perlite blocks are fire resistant and chemically inert. They also provide good thermal insulation, sound absorption, moisture resistance, vapor permeability and resistance to pests and mold.

hese insulated, structural stacking blocks are meant to simplify and speed up the construction of homes. The outer container is made of OSB or Oriented Standard Board. The insulating core is made of EPS or expanded polystyrene with a graphite additive. The blocks are designed to fit together without any adhesive or fasteners.
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