9 Songs That ‘Rip Off’ Other Songs

From David Bennett Piano.

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I’ve made various videos in the past about songs that seemingly rip off, or at least borrow from, other hit songs that came before them. But there are still plenty more examples of these dubious likenesses in pop songs, so today we’ll be looking at nine more examples of songs that are based on other songs.

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0:00 Introduction
0:28 TLC vs. Paul McCartney
1:29 Michael McDonald vs. Chuck Jackson
2:25 Avril Lavinge vs. The Rubinoos
3:32 Do Ya Think Rod’s Sexy?
5:38 Elton John vs. Speedy Gonzales
6:35 Pianote
7:33 Johnny Cash vs. Gordon Jenkins
8:38 The Doors vs. The Kinks
9:36 Bitter Sweet Symphony vs. The Last Time
11:26 Viva La Vida vs. Joe Satriani, Cat Stevens & some other band that no one’s heard of
14:24 Patreon