Abroad in Japan CHRISTMAS Live Show🎄 | Let’s Open Presents with Natsuki!

From Chris Abroad.

For the 8th day of Christmas, Natsuki is in the Abroad in Japan ramen shop to spread some Christmas cheer! Join us as we celebrate the end of the year and open presents!

🎄🎄The 12 Days of CHRISMAS🎄🎄
1) 47 Things to do in JAPAN | Ultimate Travel Guide

2) Why Everyone HATES Me on Amazon Prime

3) The Most AWKWARD Encounters I’ve Had with Viewers in Real Life

4) Reacting to My FIRST EVER Youtube Video from 10 Years Ago

5) Dinner Alone in my Japanese RAMEN SHOP
🍜 https://youtu.be/WkXBGQ7u7z4

6) My Most Near DEATH Experience in Japan
⛷️ https://youtu.be/m-nyGClEIRI

7) 7 Most OVERRATED Things in Japan
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 https://youtu.be/f5u6sXd3xUg

8) Abroad in Japan CHRISTMAS Live Show | Opening Presents with Natsuki
🎄 https://youtu.be/Z1btMR-lnnM