An Extremely Hard Easy Game #shorts

From Vsauce2.

The Knight’s Tour is a game that starts easily and becomes impossible. The idea is to make a grid of squares starting with a 3×3 arrangement and move your ‘Knight’ through the grid without crossing its own path. Whether your goal is to touch as many squares as possible, make the most efficient path, or find the Knight’s maximum number of moves on a given grid, the moment you solve the puzzle, it’s time to make it harder. You can extend the grid to keep its dimensions equal or you can extend it vertically or horizontally — anything works.

But by the time you’re solving the Knight’s Tour with a grid of 8 or 9 squares on one side, the patterns become insanely difficult. Computers can calculate Knight’s Tours easily even with grids 10 or 12 squares wide — but can you?

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