An unexciting video about distance derivatives

From Standup Mathematician.

An exploration of distance, speed, acceleration and other members of the distance-derivatives family. With no need for any flashy gimmicks.

Watch the Rapid Motion Through Space Documentary.

Huge thanks to Cas Visser, Dom Wilson, Jan Wolf and everyone else who had a look at my giant csv of data and tried to help wrangle it.

This is the episode of my podcast A Problem Squared where I asked for help with the data:

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Need more terrifying in your life? Have a ride on the two-seater MotoGP bike yourself:

This is the app I used to log the data:

Cheers to my Patreon supporters. Your support really drove me around the bend.

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Filming and editing by Trunkman Productions
Additional filming by Alice Degrassi and Ben Westaway
Written and performed by Matt Parker
Background extra by Hannah Fry
Produced by Nicole Jacobus
Music by Howard Carter
Design by Simon Wright and Adam Robinson

Special thanks to Trunkman Productions Ltd, The Cosmic Shambles Network, Two Wheels for Life and DornaSports for facilitating filming at the British Round of the MotoGP™ Championship. MotoGP™ is a registered trademark of DORNA SPORTS, S.L and all footage and images from the MotoGP™ championship are used with their permission and remain their © Copyright. Documentary footage is Copyright © 2023 Trunkman Productions Ltd and is used with permission.

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