Answering Fan Queries on Putting Taylor Swift on The Golden Record, Absolute Stillness, & More

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Is there anything in the universe that is not moving? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Chuck Nice answer fan questions about stillness, humans on Mars, and what songs they would add to the Voyager Golden Record.

Would we be stronger and faster on Mars? We talk about what it would be like to construct buildings on Mars and why the largest creature on Earth is a whale. If you fell through a hole through the center of the Earth, what would happen? Where would you pop out based on where you started?

Neil and Chuck share what songs they would add to the Voyager Golden Record to update it. Is there such a thing as absolute stillness in the universe? Learn about Lord Kelvin and absolute zero. Can we actually tell if an object is stationary relative to one in motion? Plus, we talk about the spaghettification of quarks and whether a black hole would eat itself.

We explore the role of free speech in future human space settlements. Could it be beneficial to manage or censor media while establishing a colony? Are spiral galaxies getting sucked into a black hole? How do they maintain their iconic spiral shape? Find out about spiral density waves and accretion disks.

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00:00 – Introduction: Grab Bag
1:17 – Would You Be Stronger on Mars?
7:38 – Falling Through the Center of the Earth
17:57 – Neil & Chuck’s Golden Record
22:30 – Is It Possible for Something to Be Absolutely Still?
27:02 – Spaghettifying Quarks
29:34 – Censorship on Space Colonies
35:04 – Spiral Galaxy Structure

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