Are headphones destroying our hearing?

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Here’s how to protect your ears.

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I wear headphones every day. And if I’m at work, I have those bad boys on for nearly 8 hours straight. In a perfect world, I’m listening at a reasonable volume…but in reality it’s hard to know if that’s true. So when does loud become too loud?

The answer is: it’s really hard to tell.

According to the WHO, over a billion young adults are at risk of permanent, avoidable hearing loss due to unsafe listening practice.

While that sounds like a bunch of old people trying to suppress us young people from listening to our rock and roll the way we like it, it’s a scary statistic. It’s even scarier when you know that hearing loss is almost always permanent. So, what’s the best way to listen with headphones, and not lose our hearing? And how can noise cancellation help us out?

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