Are LGBTQ+ Parents Better? [Part 2]

From Trace Dominguez. ( YouTube / Nebula )

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Dads exist in every culture and in every animal on earth and yet, in humans they’re not often studied, and sometimes ignored entirely. In this series, I dug into the importance of dads in human relationships. I learned that #Dads need to be present, engaged, and involved. How having a dad around affects you (for better or worse). That meant exploring what it means to be a dad, whether the kids #samesexparents are any different than those of different-sex parents, how children physiologically change their parents brain, and whether toxic masculinity and machismo is harming your kids.

Dads are more than just a male parent. They’re a set of traits that show children who they can be and are different than their other parent. Dads are source of security, safety, play, communication, emotion, empathy, love, and companionship (Just like any other parent). Non-birthing parents have a different outlook than birthing #parents simply because they’re different human beings!

00:00 What if…?
01:08 Do we need man-dads and woman-moms?
03:02 Here come the studies!
06:53 Non-majority families (Editorial)
09:16 How Uno Dos Trace got started
10:31 Some final thoughts

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The History of the Family and the Complexity of Social Change

What does the scholarly research say about the well-being of children with gay or lesbian parents?
Based on over three decades of peer-reviewed research, that having a gay or lesbian parent does not harm children.

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Studies estimate that between 1 and 9 million children in the United States have at least one parent who is lesbian or gay.

Global Entrepreneurship Report 2021
More than 198,000 adults in 69 economies took part in the GEM survey. With the largest sample to date, this group of economies represented an estimated 74% of the world’s population and 87% of the world’s GDP.

The impact of cross-cultural experience on opportunity recognition capabilities
We argue that cross-cultural experience increases the ability to recognize entrepreneurial opportunities. This argument is supported by two complementary studies—a longitudinal quasi-experiment and a priming experiment.

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