Are There Any 3-Landlocked Countries?

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UK boundary data from the OS.

World Country data from opendatasoft.

USA states from looking at them very closely.

"English counties explained" by Map Men

Oh look, a video about the City of London

Target 10.b
"in particular least developed countries, African countries, small island developing States and landlocked developing countries, in accordance with their national plans and programs".

Graphics artfully animated by Christian Lawson-Perfect.

The other person in the field was Matt Watson, my tour manager. He also makes music:

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– Now I regret mentioning the Danube river! Apart from that one aside about international diplomacy and a port: for the rest of the networks I did not include rivers, even if they are navigable to an ocean. I appreciate these would change things like London and apparently the USA has some super great lakes.
– Let me know if you spot anything else!

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Muddy field navigating with Matthew Watson
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