Are You Really Open-Minded? (or can I change your mind?)

From “BrainCraft”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

I spent a year learning about a new area of psychology to try and change minds. But am I the asshole?

To learn more about intellectual humility, check out the Greater Good Science Center:

A big thanks to @AgainstTheGrainFarm for welcoming me into his farm. Additional thanks to Dr. Mylien Duong and Prof. Eranda Jayawickreme for their insights into intellectual humility.

Funding for the project was provided by the Greater Good Science Center and the Templeton Foundation, in conjunction with the Greater Good Science Center’s “Expanding Awareness of the Science of Intellectual Humility” project.

Hosted and produced by Vanessa Hill
Editing and graphics by Jonny Hyman
Story Editor: Anna Rothschild
Development Producer: Sean M. Elliott
Camera: Ross Asdourian, Jen Schachter, and Anna Rothschild
Scientific Advisor: Eranda Jayawickreme

#psychology #documentary #humility #aita #changeyourmindset

Key moments:
1:06 What is Intellectual Humility, anyway?
3:30 How to change a mind
5:25 Trying to change a mind
10:30 Testing my Intellectual Humility
11:58 Opening up my own mind
15:47 Am I the a*hole?
18:11 How to improve your own Intellectual Humility