AtGames Pinball Micro : Small table – Big fun

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I’ve always wanted a pinball table – but needed to wait for them to shrink first. Well that happened – so let me tell you what I think of the Atgames Legends Pinball Micro. Is it enough to fulfil my ‘pinball dreams’?

00:00 Insert Credit
00:20 Exposition
04:37 PINBALL!
18:45 Chatty bit
22:17 Suggested YT channels for better info
22:54 Final thoughts
25:04 Patreon Credits

Q) If you get overzealous with nudging the table will it tilt?
A) Yes

Relevant YouTube Channels mentioned in the video
Also – if you do want to see a computer board connected to an LCD screen – here’s a link to an appropriate clip

Legends Pinball LARGE table – on AMAZON USA (out of stock)
Legends Pinball MICRO – on AMAZON USA

Legends Pinball LARGE table – on AMAZON UK
(you can probably find these cheaper elsewhere).

Non-affiliated links:
Liberty Games in the UK sell a range of virtual pinball tables including the full size Legends
UPDATE – They are now selling the Pinball Micro too

(note – they regularly have sales where the price of the Micro is reduced by $100 – so if you can, hold on for one of those)

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