B-58 Hustler – Was it Really That Bad?

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The B-58 Hustler was the first American supersonic strategic bomber designed to slip through the Soviet air defenses before the ICBM had become the dominant weapon on both sides. It set 19 world records for speed and was thought more likely to get through soviet defenses than its rival, the B-52.
Designed just after the B-52 it was a very different aircraft, these were SAC’s tortoise and the hare, and yet the B-58 gained a reputation for being expensive, unreliable, and difficult to fly by those that hadn’t flown them, namely the USAF and government top brass but were they really that bad? Lets find out.
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Written, researched and presented by Paul Shillito

Images and footage : Convair, Boeing, US DoD, Wonkabar007, USAF, De Havilland

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