BACKYARD BUNKER Part 2 – More than just a Tube…

From JerryRigEverything.

If my backyard bunker is going to survive 250,000 pounds of dirt falling on top of it… it better be strong! Get your own Anker SOLIX F3800 HERE: Its a very impressive machine and we would not have been able to finish the bunker tubes without it!! #ankersolix #LIVEINPOWER #Anker #AnkerSOLIXF3800

I decided to build a bunker in my backyard because ever since I was a little kid – I though it would be fun to hobbit hole a home out from underground. And TODAY ITS HAPPENING! The massive conduit is finished and ready to be put in the ground.

Get my JerryRig Razor knife and GroundX Bunker shirt HERE:

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