BALDWIN Artist Series Grand Piano Model L – Living Pianos

From LivingPianos.

This is an Artist Series Baldwin grand piano manufactured when Baldwin was still producing some of the greatest American pianos of all time. This piano has had an incredibly gentle life.

The model L is noted for its huge bass for a piano of its size. Even more important is the evenness of sound throughout all registers. This piano has been regulated and voiced so evenly that it matches the finest European pianos in the pure, singing tone in the treble as well.

The model L at 6-feet 3-inches is a perfect size piano for many applications from small performance venues and recording studios, to living rooms. It’s big enough to reward you with a full sound, yet not take up too much space.

You may find other Baldwin model L’s out there. But for every piano like this one, there are dozens that haven’t endured the ages as well. And the work we perform on our pianos is far above what you are likely to find anywhere else.