BBQ brisket and chicken made with liquid smoke

From Adam Ragusea.

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To make a smokey barbecue-style beef brisket in the oven, just rub it down with straight liquid smoke, season (use a curing salt with sodium nitrite if you want a pink smoke ring), bake uncovered at 225ºF / 107ºC convection (go a little hotter if you don’t have a fan) for a few hours until brown all over. Try to keep a little water in the

Take the brisket out, splash on some more liquid smoke (if you like it really smokey), cover it tightly with foil, put it back on the rack and bake at the same oven temperature until the core of the meat reads 195ºF / 91ºC — this will probably take at least 12 hours, like a real smoked barbecue brisket. Let it rest in the foil for a half hour before slicing.

To make smokey barbecue-style chicken, go with bone-in, skin-on dark meat pieces. Season them with as much salt as you’d normally use, pour on enough straight liquid smoke to generously coat everything, and let the chicken sit for an hour or two to brine/marinate.

After the chicken has brined, season it with any additional herbs and spices you want, and bake the same way as the brisket, except you won’t need to wrap the chicken in foil and it’ll probably take half the time. It’s done when it’s soft enough to pull (shred).

To make a simple BBQ sauce, combine stuff like ketchup, molasses, mustard, hot sauce, vinegar and Worcestershire until you like how it tastes. BBQ is also good with pickles, and maybe on a bun.