Behind the Counter at a Japanese University Set Meal Restaurant

From Paolo from Tokyo.

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This is behind the counter of a local family owned Japanese Teishoku " Set Meal" restaurant called Shokudo Morikawa. Nestled within walking distance from Tokyo University, the oldest university in Japan, it’s been a staple nourishment for students for more than 120 years. The shop originally started selling bento boxes on the University campus distributing them with a carrying pole aka milkmaid’s yoke, and later grew into a Teishoku restaurant meaning it serves Japanese set meals, where all of the dishes in the course are served together often consisting of a main dish, rice, soup and sides. Today, the shop serves not only Japanese school students food, but also locals and salarymen alike all lining up to enjoy their delectable and affordable set meals. If you are search where to eat in Tokyo or what to do in Tokyo, this hidden gem would be a great place to eat lunch.

Shukudo Morikawa – Japanese Set Meal Set Restaurant

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