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Destroyed cities, power plants and critical infrastructure: many areas in Eastern Ukraine are in ruins. And an end to the Russian aggression is nowhere in sight. In the midst of the war, Ukrainian President Zelensky is lobbying for help to rebuild his country. He’s asking Germany for aid, but also for more weapons. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is promising further support but wants to avoid an escalation of the conflict. Germany and NATO, however, must be ready to resist a war if things go wrong. We ask: Between fear and deterrence: Can Europe defend itself?

Our guests:
Nana Brink (Table.Media)
Daniel Brössler (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
Roman Goncharenko (DW)

00:00 Opener
03:00 The war in Ukraine: Are allies finally delivering enough?
04:30 Video: Olaf Scholz’s slow decision-making
06:15 Will Germany waste more time in supporting Ukraine?
07:25 Scholz will never make a decision unless it’s agreed with the US.
08:20 Will NATO send military trainers to Ukraine?
09:00 Is Germany’s fiscal policy a danger for Europe?
10:20 Are parts of the German population siding with Russia?
12:30 Is there still an anti-American sentiment in Germany?
14:30 Can the peace conference in Switzerland be the beginning of a peace process?
15:40 Video: How prepared is Europe for a war with Russia?
17:25 The military procurement in Europe needs to be improved.
18:00 Will Germany be combat-ready in 2029?
19:51 It takes Germany five years to deploy one brigade to Lithuania
22:00 How much denial is there still in Germany towards the threat of war?
23:00 Fighting a war is still unthinkable for many Germans.
25:00 Would Russia lose a war against NATO?


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