Beyond ChatGPT: what chatbots mean for the future

From The Economist.

With the arrival of generative AI chatbots, artificial intelligence no longer seems the preserve of science fiction. Now that the bots are talking back, what does it mean for the future of the internet—and our relationship with machines?

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00:00 – Chatbots are changing the internet
01:02 – How do chatbots work?
03:40 – The problems with today’s chatbots
06:40 – The ELIZA effect
07:46 – Replika AI
09:55 – What might future chatbots be able to do?
11:47 – The drawbacks of chatbots

The AI boom: lessons from history:

The relationship between AI and humans:

How AI chatbots could change online search:

Investors are going nuts for ChatGPT-ish artificial intelligence:

The race of the AI labs heats up:

The battle for internet search:

Is Google’s 20-year dominance of search in peril?

How good is ChatGPT?

A battle royal is brewing over copyright and AI:

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