Biden administrations sends $1 bln weapons aid for Israel to congress, Putin backs China peace plan

From Reuters.

Riots rage in New Caledonia, as France approves changes to voting rules in the French territory. President Biden’s top economic adviser – Lael Brainard – joins the Reuters World News podcast for an interview, as the US hits China with steep tariffs. Plus, Secretary of State Antony Blinken rocks out at a Kyiv bar. 

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00:01 Introduction
00:44 Three dead in New Caledonia as riots rage after Paris approves voting change
03:17 Palestinians in Israel demand refugee return on ‘Nakba’ anniversary
03:44 US State Dept moves $1 bln weapons aid for Israel to congressional review, officials say
03:59 Putin backs China’s Ukraine peace plan, says Beijing understands the conflict
04:22 French police search for ‘The Fly’ after deadly prison van escape
04:49 House Republican Speaker Mike Johnson joins Trump in court, echoes criticisms
05:13 Trump’s lawyers assail estranged fixer Michael Cohen’s credibility at hush money trial
05:45 Traders firm up bets on Fed rate cuts after inflation data
06:46 Biden hikes US tariffs on Chinese imports
09:52 Blinken rocks out in Ukraine

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