Bugatti Has Developed A V16 Engine!

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Bugatti is bringing back the V16 engine, after an 80 year absence!
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Bugatti is bringing a V16 engine to their lineup, with more details to be released later in 2024. The Bugatti Chiron successor will sport a V16 hybrid powertrain, with rumors that it’s a Cosworth 8.3L naturally aspirated V16, producing 1,000 horsepower and revving to 9,000 RPM. If the rumors are to be believed, it will also be paired with three 250kW electric motors, for a potent AWD system with blistering acceleration.

But, who cares about rumors, right? What are the facts? In this video, we’ll dive into the images shared by Bugatti, to get a deeper understanding of the engineering behind this V16 combustion engine. We’ll talk torque curves, firing intervals, firing order, V-angles, crossplane vs flatplane, balance, and see how the rumors hold up to a little math.

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