Building everything inside a TINY Apartment Start to Finish – 31sqm/333sqft

From Get Hands Dirty.

I hope this video inspires you to grab a few tools and start improving your living space!
I’ve got woodworking plans available for some of the projects here
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Filming gear

List of songs:
Notize – Everything to Me
Gal Lev – Wave Art
Electro Mine – GET HANDS DIRTY
Notize – Sleepless
Electro Mine (December) – GET HANDS DIRTY
Luke Melville – Light Reflection
Out of Flux – Sunnydance
ikoliks – Into the Deep
Stefano Mastronardi – Spirit de Milán
Notize – Cinnamon Jam
Stefano Mastronardi – Cafè Godot
Yarin Primak – Time of Heaven – Instrumental Version
Curtis Cole – Scat Life
Flint – Fly up High
Notize – Density Wave

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