Can Aerogel Insulation cut down our energy bills?

From Belinda Carr.

Aerogel is the world’s lightest solid. Around 99.8% of this material is air making it an excellent insulator. Aspen Aerogels embedded tiny particles of aerogel into fibers to create flexible insulation blankets that is 5 times better than standard insulation!

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Aerogel is an incredible invention with many advantages. It is lightweight, elastic, it can be formed into any shape and it has a superior thermal and acoustic insulation power. However, since it’s mainly made of air, aerogel is very brittle and fragile. To make aerogel more resilient and versatile for the construction industry, tiny silica aerogel particles are embedded into a flexible fabric made of polyester and glass fibers. These fibers are also called a non-woven batting material. They are bonded together with the help of heat, pressure or chemical binders. They provide a flexible and durable support for aerogel particles, and turn a fragile material into a useful product.

Aerogel insulation has an R value of 10.3 per inch, which is much higher than R2.7 per inch for fiberglass insulation, R3 per inch for Rockwool insulation and R5 per inch for XPS or extruded polystyrene insulation.

The exact price of Spaceloft insulation depends on your location and the quantity being purchased, but in general, it costs around $7 to $20 per square foot, much more expensive than traditional insulation like Rockwool which costs around $2 per square foot. This is the biggest hurdle to mass adoption.

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