Capturing the Cosmos with Babak Tafreshi & Neil deGrasse Tyson

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How do you take an incredible photo of the cosmos? In this extended conversation, Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Chuck Nice learn about how to start taking photos of space with astrophotographer and National Geographic Explorer, @BabakTafreshi.

Learn about Babak’s journey to become an astrophotographer and steps individuals can take to protect dark skies in their community. Find out how the switch to LED light has contributed to light pollution and what sky-friendly measures communities can take. How is wildlife impacted by light pollution?

What is the most difficult object in the sky to photograph? We discuss capturing comets and atmospheric phenomena. What is ball lightning? Has Babak photographed UAPs? Plus, learn how to get started in astrophotography as well as some tips on how to take long exposure night photos on your smartphone.

We talk about Babak’s favorite objects in the sky to photograph and the generations that are missing out on the Milky Way’s beauty. Babak describes photographing the unexplained and we explore the magic of meteor showers. Plus, find out where you can find a dark sky location near you. How do we keep people looking up?

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00:00 – Introduction: Babak Tafreshi
02:20 – Babak’s Beginnings in Astrophotography
6:28 – Protecting Dark Skies in Your Community
10:56 – LEDs, Blue Light, & Impact on Wildlife
16:09 – What Is The Most Difficult Object to Photograph and Why?
18:37 – Photographing Phenomena: Supernova & Ball Lightning
23:22 – How To Get Started in Astrophotography
27:54 – Photographing Around the Moon
29:29 – Favorite Celestial Objects to Photograph
33:13 – UAPs & Undeniable Truths
36:57 – Getting People to Look Up
38:35 – How To Find Dark Skies