Is DISH or Xfinity Better For TV? | DISH vs. Xfinity Review 2018

From Join us for the battle of the behemoths as DISH (one of the largest satellite TV providers) takes on Xfinity (one of the largest cable TV providers)… OUR FULL REVIEW XFINITY TV STANDALONE REVIEW DISH STANDALONE REVIEW

AT&T Wireless Review – Cell Phone Vanilla

From Does AT&T know a thing or two about phones? Well, they’ve been around since 1885, so … yes, they know phones. But the world is a different place now, and AT&T faces some stiff competition from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. So how do they stack up these days? Should they be YOUR carrier?

How To Cancel Internet Services

From Let’s talk about cancelling internet services. To keep things simple, I’ll be breaking this process into a timeline: we’ll cover what you should do before you call your provider, what to expect during the call, and what to do after the call.

How to Cancel Home Security

From Today we’ll cover the basics of cancelling home security for any provider. We’ll talk about the cancellation letter you might have to write and the call to customer service you’ll probably have to make.

Home Automation for Beginners

From Home Automation can be a lot. There are individual devices like smart light bulbs and outlets, things like the Nest thermostat, and entire smart systems like SmartThings. The options are endless. But what does all this smart stuff do? We’ll cover what home automation can mean for you and your life – beginner…

How to Cancel Cable TV

From Today we’re gonna be talking about cancelling cable services. I’ll break down the cancellation process into a timeline, from before the call to after you’ve cancelled your service. Now, I’m covering cancellation for any provider – whether you’re with Time Warner or Cox or XFinity, they all pretty much follow the same cancellation…

Nest Secure Home Security Review

From Do we recommend the Nest Secure home security system? Ugh… Kind of? Maybe? Yes, but only if you’re already in deep with Nest’s other devices, and if you’ve got a bit of cash to burn. It’s well-designed stuff, and we really are big fans of the sensors that are well above the competition.…