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In this video, we kick off our new segment with Zack Dettmore, a carpenter and builder from New Jersey with a flair for communication, technology, and trade synergy.

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In a new series called Celebrating Craftsmanship, we meet contractor Zack Dettmore. Zack’s a carpenter and builder, and his company has a unique way of involving their customers during the layout phase of his projects. He believes in technology and synergy, focusing on the entire team working toward a common goal.

Zack Dettmore is a Carpenter and Builder from New Jersey
Zack got his start in carpentry around the age of 9 years old. He began by building smaller projects like cutting boards and stools and fell in love with the trade. However, he felt compelled to go to college because his parents were well-educated and believed it to be the path to success. However, in 2010, he left college to pursue carpentry full-time and now owns Dettmore Home Improvements.

Zack Believes in Organization
One of the most interesting things about Zack and Dettmore Home Improvements is his dedication to organization. Every room in the home has a section in a binder that contains all the details required to bring that room to completion.

Also, Zack uses layout signs placed around the project to indicate where certain trades will install fixtures and devices. This isn’t necessarily for the subcontractors, though. He does this for the client so they can get a better idea of where these items will be. After all, Zack recognizes that most homeowners don’t know how to read plans, but he still wants them to be involved.

He’s No Stranger to Technology, Either
Zack understands the value of technology when it comes to everyday activities. For instance, his work van consists of drawers full of bins for hardware. Each bin has a QR code on it that he can scan whenever the bin gets low. This code takes him directly to the product’s order page, allowing him to keep the van stocked at all times.

An Uncommon Policy
Zack has a unique approach to tools, as well. Rather than packing his tools up every day or locking them away in a toolbox, he leaves them at the site and unlocked. In his opinion, he would rather a subcontractor use his tools than spend time looking for theirs or traveling to replace something they broke. He feels everyone is on the same page and he knows that he relies on his subs as much as they rely on him, and this is one way he can support them.

Where to find it?
Kevin O’Connor introduces a new segment about highlighting contractors all across the country.

We meet general contractor, Zack Dettmore [https://www.dettmore.com/], and learn about how his organizational skills elevate his work and his team of subs.

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Celebrating Craftsmanship: Zack Dettmore | Ask This Old House