From Vihart.

Just a casual chat about abortion while making chicken salad. Here’s a link I found that’s pretty good, if you’re looking for calls to action:

Usually my videos are funded by Patreon, but this one isn’t, because that could be awkward for the folks I might usually name as funders. So. Patreon payments are suspended for this one. And since I don’t make money on youtube or run youtube ads, this one’s just a quick low-budget statement for those who are wondering my position on this issue. Now you know!

Chicken salad includes:
Half mayo, half yogurt (for sandwiches, lean toward mayo. For eating straight, lean toward yogurt.)
Celery, green onion, apple (grapes work great too)
freshly toasted slivered almonds (this is like the tastiest secret to great chicken salad)
seasoned to taste with salt, pepper, mustard, turmeric, cayenne, whatever else you want because it is your salad and you deserve delicious snacks