Classic Sloppy Joe sandwiches

From Adam Ragusea.

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ground beef (a pound / 454g will make at least four big sandwiches)
fresh pepper (I like a jalapeno but most people use a bell pepper)
onion (not much, so I just use a shallot for a pound of beef)
carrot (if you want)
ketchup (a lot)
Worcestershire sauce
brown sugar or molasses
oil, salt, pepper, spices, etc (I like celery seed, garlic powder and onion powder)
burger buns

Chop up the onion, pepper and carrot (I like to cut the carrot into really big chunks, but they take a little while longer to cook). Get the vegetables frying in a little oil in a wide pan. When they seem halfway soft, push them over to one side of the pan and shift the pan a little off the burner so the vegetables don’t get too hot.

Turn the heat up and drop in the ground beef, smashing it into the surface of the pan so that it’s like a giant burger. Let it sit and brown on the bottom. When you scrape and you see golden brown, stir up the beef with the vegetables — a lot of water will come out of the meat and you can use it to deglaze the pan. Keep stirring and cooking until there’s no pink beef left (I’m careful to not break up the meat chunks too much at this stage).

If you’re using celery seeds or other whole spices, now would be a good time to throw them in so they can fry a little in the beef fat.

Squeeze in a ton of ketchup, a little mustard, a little Worcestershire, a little sugar/molasses, and your remaining seasonings. Stir and taste. Adjust any of the quantities and maybe loosen it up with some water so that you have a thick, saucy consistency. When in doubt, add more ketchup.

Lightly toast the buns before serving, to make the sandwiches less sloppy.