Climate-change migrants: what can be done?

From The Economist.

Climate change could force hundreds of millions to flee their homes in the coming years. What can countries do to prepare for this mass migration?

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00:00 – Climate migration is on the rise
01:06 – How Louisiana is relocating its flood-victims
03:55 – How ‘managed retreat’ can resolve climate impacts
05:15 – Global warming spells trouble for the developing world
06:30 – How should governments handle mass climate migration?
07:30 – Rising sea levels mean partial submersion for these islands
08:00 – Why the rich world should care about climate migration

The countries of the Middle East and north Africa are parched:

Today’s heatwaves are a warning of worse to come:

Climate change may lead to staggering levels of migration:

Many more Africans are migrating within Africa than to Europe:

What to read to understand climate change:

What to read (and watch) to understand refugees:

Climate change is making intense storms more prevalent in Louisiana:

Miami’s future is submarine:

Climate diplomacy will continue to be a challenge in 2023:

Climate change is forcing Asian cities to rethink their flood defences:

Climate change is a remorseless threat to the world’s coasts:

Why cities sink:

The coming food catastrophe: