Cost of Ontario premier’s office surges under Doug Ford: “His own gravy train”

From Global News.

The cost and size of the premier’s office in Ontario has ballooned under Premier Doug Ford.

Despite promising to be careful with public money, Liberal MPP John Fraser said, Ford’s office is much larger and more expensive than that of his Liberal predecessor, Kathleen Wynne.

“Doug Ford has been railing against the gravy train since I heard of Doug Ford, and he did it when he came in, in 2018,” Fraser said. “If you look at the premier’s office right now, he’s got his own gravy train and he’s the engineer.”

Public salary disclosures of those making $100,000 or more, also known as the Sunshine List, for 2023 show the total number of staff in the premier’s office under Ford, along with the number of people earning six figures, has grown since 2019, the Progressive Conservative party’s first full year in office.

Global News’ Queen’s Park Bureau Chief Colin D’Mello explains.

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