Could this LEGO Plastic Brick replace Concrete Masonry Units?

From Belinda Carr.

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Lok N Blok podcast with Gregory Siener:

0:00 Introduction
1:10 What is Lok N Blok?
3:40 Assembly
4:36 Properties
6:06 Concrete blocks
7:08 Plastic pollution
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9:04 Pros
9:27 Hurdles
11:36 Conclusion

Lok N Blok is an innovative, easy to install, mortar-less, interlocking building block system. Its design enables quicker and easier installation than other building materials as it’s installed in fewer steps and doesn’t require specialized equipment. Lok N Blok is made of a proprietary mix of 49% recycled polypropylene, virgin polypropylene and fiberglass reinforcement. It also contains UV protection additives so it doesn’t become brittle in the presence of sunlight. It is smaller than a typical 8”x8”x16” CMU block. It is 12” long x 6” wide x 8” tall.

The block has tapered female dovetails on the ends and main faces. The slots measure 0.82” on the top and 0.53” on the bottom. Tapered male dovetails slide into these slots to create secure and strong connections. They can form flat ends, corners and even openings up to 6 feet in length with no additional header or reinforcement to maintain structural integrity. Square posts on the top surface of the block, fit into the square voids on the bottom surface of another block. This allows them to be stacked either directly on top of each other or offset by a quarter of a block or even half a block. There is no mortar or adhesive needed between the layers. The plastic webs in the middle have several purposes. They reduce the weight of the block, create room for additional insulation, and allow utilities to run vertically. Another cool feature is this circular void created when the blocks stack, which allows conduit and wires to run horizontally.

This system doesn’t require any reinforcement or concrete. However, you need to use a ⅝ inch threaded rod from the concrete slab or footer, through the entire wall. At the top of the wall, a compression spring nut holds the entire assembly down. All these features, especially the lack of mortar allows for quicker construction. It’s about 50 to 60% faster than traditional construction methods.

Lok N Blok is water resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, sound absorbing, bacteria resistant, easy to use, efficient and eco-friendly. It also has a high compressive strength, it’s lightweight, has high tensile strength and it’s fire resistant. That being said, it’s a new product so it costs more than traditional construction methods right now. It’s more expensive than steel stud walls and wood stud walls but it is 8% lower in cost compared to ICF walls.

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