Debunking DAVOS and the Global Elite

From Ordinary Things.

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00:00 Intro
01:30 Klaus Schwab
02:06 Secret Switzerland
03:10 The First WEFs
05:21 The Club of Rome
09:40 The Moral High Ground
11:03 My Davos, My Dorm
13:48 The Davos Hierarchy
20:00 Conspiracies at Davos
21:19 The World’s New Order
24:16 Bugs
27:20 Own Nothing Be Happy
29:40 The Okay Replay
32:10 An Overlong Alex Jones Segment
37:54 The Davos Pact
40:27 The Golden Age
42:04 Davos Man
46:54 The MOOD at Davos
51:25 CODA
53:05 Next time…