Deconstructing the Science in Popular Films with Neil deGrasse Tyson | Podcast Highlights

From StarTalk.

Neil deGrasse Tyson investigates the science of pop fiction and superheroes with comedian Chuck Nice and astrophysicist Charles Liu, PhD.

We dive right into speed-of-light communication in space. If two parties are communicating light years away from each other, how would they be able to share the same sense of time during the conversation? You’ll learn how Star Trek’s “subspace” solved this problem. We discuss how the Doppler effect impacts our real-life space communications today.

You’ll find out which science fiction and superhero movies Neil and Charles appreciate given their level of, or purposeful disregard for, science accuracy. We take a hard look at the 1966 Batman movie, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!, Dr. Strange, and others. And, Neil gives us details on his cameos in The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time and Ice Age: Collision Course.

We ponder the science of invisibility like how Wakanda disguises itself in Black Panther. Lastly, Neil and Charles tell us what superpower they would want that’s enabled by gene editing.

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00:00 – Science in Pop Fiction
00:30 – Communicating Lightyears Away
03:05 – Science in Superhero Movies
06:05 – Could a society disguise itself like Wakanda?
10:10 – Gene Editing Super Powers