Dianna shows us her PICC line

From Physics Girl.

Health update – Dianna now has a PICC line inserted into her arm. The PICC is used to help Dianna receive IV medications and fluids without having an adverse reaction to them. The PICC is threaded up the arm through a large blood vessel that extends into the chest.

(Dianna’s editor) – It’s great that there are solutions like this to help Dianna get what she needs to help her in her recovery. And she genuinely looks better than she did earlier in the year. I can interact with her for a couple minutes a couple times a day, as apposed to her and I exchanging only a couple words a month like we were in March. But, with all that said, she is still daily bed-ridden and has a long road ahead of her. Many people ask daily if there are any health updates, and unfortunately, it’s a very long and slow process with not a lot of progress. I have started helping Kyle care-take for Dianna full time, and being here is very surreal. She is still very very sick, but we are staying hopeful. And none of it would be possible without the online support. I’ll give more updates whenever I can. Thanks guys.

If you’d like to support Dianna during her recovery, you can do so here → https://www.patreon.com/physicsgirl