Did I Waste $5000 on Engine Parts? More Horsepower & MPGs? (Part 1)

From Project Farm.

Did I waste $5,000 upgrading my old pickup or should I have spent that money on a new pickup? Before the upgrades, the truck accelerated from 0-60 in 17.08 seconds. Towing 10,000 pounds, the truck accelerated from 0-60 in over 45 seconds. Also, the truck is unable to hold highway speed towing 10,000 pounds climbing a 3% grade.

I requested a collaboration with Power Driven Diesel in Cedar City, Utah. A big “thank you” to Will, Todd, Myer, Griffith, Reed, Levi, Pedro, and the rest of the team at Power Driven Diesel for their role in this review. In part 1 of 2, I travel out to Power Driven Diesel for the upgrades to the engine. I do not accept sponsorships and I paid for all of the parts, fluids, etc used to upgrade the engine. In part 2, I rebuild the transmission. I paid for all of the parts used to upgrade the transmission.

I do not receive any form of commission or financial benefit from the sale of Power Driven Diesel parts. Here are the links to the parts I purchased for the upgrades. I used 055 delivery valves and not the 025 listed in the engine upgrade kit. I highly recommend calling Power Driven Diesel’s customer support team to discuss upgrades. They are friendly and very helpful.

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➡ Products Tested In This Video (in no particular order):
Power Driven Diesel’s website: https://powerdrivendiesel.com/
PowerJet Injectors: https://powerdrivendiesel.com/product/pdd-powerjet-94-98-12-valve-injectors-bundle/
Turbo: https://powerdrivendiesel.com/product/power-driven-diesel-aggressor-hx35-cast-60-64-370-450hp/
Engine Upgrade Kit: https://powerdrivendiesel.com/product/fuel-package-500-550hp/

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