Do You Really Need AWD? Settling The Winter Tire Debate

From Engineering Explained.

Do you really need winter tires, and do you really need AWD?
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Snow covered roads tend to create a debate surrounding snow tires and all-wheel drive – is it all really necessary? In this video we’ll compare summer, all-season, and winter tires performance in the snow, and also discuss the purpose and merits of all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive combined with winter tires can provide confident driving in harsh winter conditions. But what about electric cars? Winter tires pose a unique challenge to electric cars, as they are generally louder, which is more noticeable in EVs. Winter tires also tend to have higher rolling resistance, which reduces your range in an EV. Finally, winter tires use softer compounds, meaning more wear when used by a heavy EV. To maximize winter performance, compromise is inevitable, but Hankook seeks to combat these challenges with their latest tire offering, the iON i*cept winter tire, designed specifically for EVs. Watch to learn all about it!

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