Does The Tesla Semi Make Any Sense? Part 2!

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With the latest details released on Tesla Semi, does it still hold up?
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Now that Pepsi has taken delivery of 36 Tesla Semis, with plans for 100 through 2023, we have a few more details about Tesla’s Class 8 truck offering. We’ll see which claims hold up, and which don’t, diving into the battery capacity, range, and weight. Does the Tesla Semi make any sense?

We’ll look at eight major aspects:
1. What is the battery capacity?
2. Tesla’s 500 mile test drive.
3. What is the real world range?
4. How far do Class 8 trucks need to go?
5. How much does the battery weigh?
6. What is the cargo load deficit versus a diesel truck?
7. What is the load capacity of the Tesla Semi?
8. How much weight do Class 8 trucks need to carry?

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