Driving Tesla Cybertruck – Overhyped or the Pickup Reinvented?

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Does The Tesla Cybertruck Live Up To The Hype? An Engineering Review
Steer-by-wire, four-wheel steering, 48 volt accessories, 800V powertrain, triangles, and truck stuff!
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Elon Musk lit the internet on fire when he announced the Cybertruck, and now, after deliveries have been make, that fire continues to burn. The world is hyped on Cybertruck – it’s the pickup reinvented! Or is it? We’ll deep dive into the engineering behind this truck, peeling back the layers to understand what matters, and just as importantly, what doesn’t. Without a doubt, the Cybertruck has reignited passion into the EV space, something the Hummer EV attempted to do, which landed without quite the splash as the Cybertruck. We’ll discuss the following questions:
1) What impact does the shape of the Cybertruck have?
2) Should you care about 48V or 800V vehicle architectures?
3) What is steer-by-wire and what is it like to drive?
4) What is four-wheel-steering and why is it useful?
5) Does the Cybertruck do truck stuff well?
6) What is the Cybertruck like to drive?
7) Is the Cybertruck overhyped, or the pickup reinvented?

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