‘Dumpster Diving Network’ with 8K members highlights Canada’s food crisis: Poilievre

From Global News.

Speaking during question period on Tuesday, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre said that food charity ‘Second Harvest’ predicts there will be an additional 1 million visits to food banks in Canada this year in comparison to last year, and that charities are running out of food for those in need.

He also claimed that a Facebook group under the title of ‘Dumpster Diving Network’ with over 8,000 members from Toronto highlighted how “desperate” Canadians were to find food.

Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne responded by saying that the federal government has launched reform-led competition and urged the Conservatives to vote for Bill C-59 to increase competition within Canada.

Housing Minister Sean Fraser also responded by saying that the Liberals are focused on “putting money in the pockets of families” to help cover food costs, but that Conservatives have opposed such measures for the past eight years.

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