Earth has Terrible Worldbuilding

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It’s time someone finally SAID IT!

(this video is a joke science is real have a nice day)

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Because I’m a huge fan of worldbuilding, I wish I was as impressed with the ‘Earth Project’ everyone else. Like, sure, with its long evolutionary history, detailed storyline, and complex magic system, this setting is amazingly full of sloppy mistakes!

Today I’m doing a full takedown of Earth’s so-called ‘realism.’

0:00 Earth has Terrible Worldbuilding
0:26 Garbage Magic System
3:10 Weird Biology
4:39 Humans Make no Sense
5:58 Worst Map I’ve Ever Seen
7:17 Awful Conlang & Lore
9:07 Disastrous History
11:53 Absurd Technology
13:18 Messy Themes
15:21 It Gets Worse (Somehow)
17:15 PROVING Earth’s Absurdity
18:33 Final Score

Additional Media Shown: Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, Flight of Dragons, The Sword in the Stone, SciFri, Mythbusters, Noah, Zach King Magic, Fantasia, MBARI

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