Every type of Song Structure EXPLAINED

From David Bennett Piano.

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Verse, Chorus, Pre-Chrorus, Bridge, Middle 8, Coda… there are so many labels and names we can give to the parts of a song, and also to the song’s overal form, but I’ve often seen many musicians disagree on what exactly these terms mean, so I’m going through every common type of song structure and song part in an attempt to clear things up!

My video on The Beatles’ middle 8s: https://youtu.be/SkC_8wdzGn8?si=J4hIsc2FcSRU1PYE

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And, an extra special thanks goes to Douglas Lind, Vidad Flowers, Ivan Pang, Waylon Fairbanks, Jon Dye, Austin Russell, Christopher Ryan, Toot & Paul Peijzel, the channel’s Patreon saints! 😇

0:00 Song Structures
0:11 Strophic form
0:50 Binary form
1:27 Pre-chorus
3:35 Bridge
6:03 Coda
7:10 HDpiano
7:43 Post-chorus
8:20 32-bar form (AABA)
10:18 Middle 8
12:10 Chorus used to mean something different!
14:30 Refrain
15:26 Intro
17:07 ABAC form
18:15 Through-composed
19:09 Front-loaded chorus
20:18 Conclusion/Patreon

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