Everyone Should Own A Miata, But This Is Goodbye

From Engineering Explained.

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My previously owned supercharged Mazda Miata is for sale on Cars & Bids! The ND MX-5 is genuinely one of the best drivers cars ever created, especially impressive considering the entry-level price point, and it teaches us so much about cars in a single, impressive package. In this video we’ll discuss what makes it great, how it’s able to stack up in a league of much more potent, more expensive competitors, and what lessons we can learn from such an unimposing ride.

Mods List for my MX-5:
– MX-5 Club, Brembo & BBS, LSD
– Edelbrock supercharger kit
– Fab9 tune
– XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 ppf
– Black chrome emblems
– Stubby antenna
– Aluminum pedals

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