Everything You Want to Know About Clouds

From StarTalk.

How do clouds get made? Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice break down the different types of clouds and how they form. Finally, it’s time to get our heads in the clouds…

What is the difference between a cumulus cloud and a cumulonimbus cloud? We explore the interplay between air temperature and water vapor in cloud formation. Why does it rain? How does hail get made? Learn about hurricanes, cirrus clouds, orographic clouds, and cloud streets.

00:00 – Introduction: Clouds
00:25 – Why Are Clouds Up There
2:30 – Cumulous Clouds & Rainstorms
4:12 – Why it Hails
5:29 – Cirrus Clouds
6:23 – Cloud Streets
7:58 – Hurricanes
9:03 – Orographic Clouds
9:53 – Noctilucent Clouds

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