Foraging for the Past in Texas | Gastro Obscura

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There’s more to Texas than Tex-Mex. In this episode of Gastro Sparked, join chef Adán Medrano as he forages and cooks with quelitre native to Texas and northeastern Mexico, an edible leafy green, that connects his past with the present, using recipes and ingredients from his mother.

Gastro Obscura’s series Sparked explores how one special bite can change an entire life. In every episode, our diverse roster of rotating guests—featuring chefs, food historians, scientists, artists, and other industry professionals—will take us on a journey in their kitchens. They’ll each answer the same question: What “Spark Food” rewired your brain, showed you that food was more than fuel, and kick-started the journey to become who you are today? Dig in to see which dishes, ingredients, recipes, and places sparked path-shifting culinary revelations.

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